Your are so talented. Your dedication to camp out for these spectacular shots is inspirational. We moved to Scotland in 2016 but haven’t yet ventured up north. I’m living vicariously through your lens until then.
Milen Ka(non-registered)
your photos are stunning mostly and sometimes breathtaking.
As I wrote you before I want bin my camera from time to time after seeing your photos,
But I love seeing them, so keep posting.
Tony Bradshaw(non-registered)
Great Pics ..... and we could be related ?
Charles Campbell(non-registered)
Hi Graham,
Your photos of Northern Scotland are just beautiful.
jim kerr(non-registered)
Stunning photos, keep up the hard work and dedication it takes to capture those brilliant shots, Well Done and every success in 2017.
John McSporran(non-registered)
Great descriptions and great photos Graham. Like reading your blog posts, they seem very familiar to another wild camping photographer. One of these days we'll run into one another (up top). Regards - John
Anita Gibbs
Wow, stunning images! Couldn't resist treating myself to a print. Just happens to be at a favourite holiday destination. Can't wait to frame and hang it!
Julie Cherry(non-registered)
Fabulous! Stunning photographs, love seeing your work!
Anan ATB(non-registered)
Your blog really demonstrates that your talent is about 50% preperation on the sun, moon, weather, travel times etc. and 50% skill with the camera and eye for the right shot. Keep it up!
For those not aware of the blog, find it and enjoy it.
gerard muir(non-registered)
Hi Graham, just had Christiopher over for lunch. He was telling me about your photos so I thought I would have a look - they are stunning! I love them and congratulate you on your amazing talent.
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